We're here to help you find the job you want, and we've developed a process to aid in your search. We ask that, in addition to your resume, you complete and submit to us a FAB sheet. FAB stands for Facts (about yourself), Accomplishments, and Benefits, and we use these sheets to show off your best attributes to potential employers.

To begin the search process just polish up your resume, complete a FAB sheet using the instructions below, then send it to us via mail, fax or email. We'll get to work and find you the job that best suits your talents and achievements.

Tells what you can do for the employer.
Tells how you can benefit the potential employer.
Details what you have accomplished in present and past jobs.
Can highlight your unique accomplishments and experiences.
Definition of F-A-B

F - Facts about Yourself
Experiences that are factual and objective.
Example: Supervisor for 8 years. Staff engineering.
B.S. in Accounting

A - Accomplishments
Significant, specific results you have obtained for present or past employers. Quantitative and measurable.
Example: Reduced scrap 15% by doing...Increased sales by $200K. Opened 38 new accounts.

B - Benefits
Concrete example of what you can do for NEW employer because of past experiences.
Example: Won't need long training periods.

How to do a FAB
1. Download the FAB sheet and print out several copies

2. Block out time; about 2 to 3 hours.

3. Analyze yourself and what you have done. Single out features that make up your education, years and types of experience, patents, licenses, awards won, special seminars and unique life experience.

4. Prepare a timesheet of your history. List all positions, no matter how small, including all promotions. List all significant accomplishments for each position. Try to quantify them with specific accomplishments. Numbers talk. Study them over. Identify what you can do and how you can BENEFIT the new employer because of past experience or training. Pick the most compelling reason someone should hire you over someone else.

5. Put the information together on the FAB form. List these Features and the Accomplishments for each feature. Next to it show benefits as result of the Features and Accomplishments.

Try to get as many as possible. There may only be one benefit for numerous accomplishments.

Study them. Have you forgotten anything? Were there more accomplishments or benefits that you overlooked? Can you qualify anything else?

Based upon your FABs, if you were an employer, would you want to interview this person?

1. Did you help to increase sales, productivity, efficiency, etc.? What was the percentage or dollar contribution? How did you do this? Did you have a unique approach or different results from others?

2. Did you save money for the company? What were the circumstances? How much more ($,%) than others? How were your results compared to others?

3. Did you institute any new systems or changes? What was the situation that led to the change? Who approved? Why was this system selected over others? Did it compete with others? What happened as a result?

4. Did you identify any problem that had been overlooked? What was the problem? What was the solution? Why was it overlooked?

5. Were you ever promoted? Why were you promoted? How long between promotions? Did you do something outstanding? How much more responsibility? Did you get to manage people? How many? Were
you promoted by more than one party? Were you given significant salary increases or raises?

6. Did you train anyone? Did you develop training technique? Compare your results to others? Are others using your technique? Why is that?

7. Did you suggest any new programs? What were they about? What are the results? Did they increase efficiency or sales? Were they published or presented at any industry seminars?

8. Did you help to establish any new goals or objectives for your company? Did you convince management that they should adopt these goals or objectives? Why were they adopted?

9. Did you change the nature or scope of your job? Why or how did you redefine your position? Have others with similar positions had their positions redefined because of you? Were there responsibility changes because of this? What were they?

10. Did you ever undertake a project that was not part of your responsibility because you liked the problem? This is proof of job interest as well as the ability to take initiative.

11. Did you ever do anything to lighten your job or make it easier? (This could result in increased profits or productivity.)

12. What special problems were you hired for or brought in to solve? What did you do? How did you do it? What were the results?

13. Show any areas where you were creative (i.e., solutions, products, applications, markets, accounts, etc.)

14. What would you say would be the most important qualities for the position you seek? Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective boss.
Describe six qualities and look for examples you have for each of them. How do you stack up?
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